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[Live counting] Madhya Pradesh by-election result 2018

Madhya Pradesh by-election result 2018| Madhya Pradesh by-election Kolaras Result 2018 | Madhya Pradesh by-election Mungawale Result 2018 | MP up chunav results 2018 |

Madhya Pradesh , Today, through this article, you will give information about Madhya Pradesh up chunav result 2018 as friends you know that in Madhya Pradesh voting was completed for the by-election of Mungawali assembly constituency of Kolaras and Ashoknagar district. After the end of Madhya Pradesh Kolaras-Mungawale elections, people will be getting the results of the Madhya Pradesh Assembly 2018. During the voting, there was a lot of enthusiasm among the people. up chunav

77.40 percent voting was held in Kolaras. At the same time, the voting percentage in Mungawali was even higher. Here the voting percentage was recorded at 77.05. VVPAT machines have also been installed with EVM in Madhya Pradesh byelection so that voters can see that they have voted. She is right or not. For this, they will get seven seconds. In Kolaras 835 and 400 EVMs will be used in Mungawali. 440 in Kolaras and 360 VVPettes have been installed in Mungawali.

Madhya Pradesh  by-election results 2018

In the Madhya Pradesh Kolaras-Mungawale assembly elections, BJP and Congress Jyotiraditya Scindia are considered to be the battle of Chief Minister Shivraj Pratishtha. Bharatiya Janata Party has decided candidates for the by-election. Bisahab Rao from Mungawali is contesting the election of Deshraj Singh Yadav and Devendra Jain from Kolar, Congress has declared its candidate. Mahendra Singh Yadav from Kolaras and Brijendra Singh Yadav from Mungawale will be Congress candidate.

Congress MLA M Mahendra Singh Kalukheda has died due to the demise of Congress MLA and Congress MLA Ramsingh Yadav in the municipality of Mungawale. Kolar’s seat- Congress candidate Mahendra Singh Yadav and BJP’s Devendra Jain are candidates. Mungawale seat- Congress BJP candidate Brijendra Singh Yadav and BJP’s Bisahab Rao Deshraj Singh Yadav is the candidate. Both the seats are getting tough competition between the BJP and the Congress. Total 13 candidates are in the fray in the Mungawale bye-election. There are 22 candidates in this election season in Kolaras.

Madhya Pradesh Bye-Elections Results Live Updates: In Koralas, the Congress Party is leading by 6,600 votes as counting enters 19th round.

n Mungaoli, BJP’s Baisahab Yadav is now leading over Congress candidate Mahendra Singh Yadav.

The Congress has taken a massive lead on Kolaras Assembly seat and is ahead in Mungaoli as well. However, the BJP is not far behind in Mungaoli

Early trends show lead for the BJP candidate in Mungaoli. BJP’s Baisahab Yadav is leading against Congress’s Brijendra Singh Yadav by 105 votes. The BJP candidate has got 3,905 votes whereas, the Congress candidate has bagged 3,800 votes till now.

As per early trends in Mungaoli, a tough competition is expected in the Assembly seat. The BJP and the Congress are the main contenders from the seat

The Congress is leading in from Kolaras and Mungaoli seats. Naveen Patnaik’s BJD is ahead in Bijepur Assembly seat.

Congress candidate Mahendra Singh Yadav is leading from Kolaras.

 Congress candidates Mahendra Singh Yadav and Brijendra Singh Yadav are leading from Kolaras and Mungaoli respectively.

Bypoll Seat


Leading/Winning Party


Madhya Pradesh



Madhya Pradesh


Madhya Pradesh up chunav by-election results 2018

Dear Friends, Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembly bye election result 2018 has been started. Stay connected with our article. Through this article you will be giving information about the live vote count of Madhya Pradesh up chunav result 2018. We will tell you who won from the Kolaras-Mungawali seat and who is losing. In our article, the Madhya Pradesh up chunav bye-election results 2018 will be shown, so read our article extensively.

Dear friends, Madhya Pradesh Assembly bye election  results 2018 How to know if you have any questions related to this by-election, then write on our comment box. We will definitely reply to this. You can also like and share our Facebook page, Updated with state plans.

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